Compliance is not revenue generating & must therefore be met by using the most efficient & cost effective approach. 

The only way to achieve this is through regulatory technology. AMLclick's software has been specifically configured for anti-money laundering laws.


This technology allows businesses to meet their AML/CFT regulatory obligations easily & at a low cost. The software has been configured to the requirements of the risk based approach & principles of the AML/CFT Act, regulations, Guidelines & Codes of Practice. 


The end user only needs to log into their account, select relevant data from screen options, then click 'Calculate'. Results provide heat risk maps, management reports & references to legislation.



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The business risk assessment is the first & most important step when developing an AML/CFT compliance framework. 


The written risk assessment is one of two primary records for evidencing AML/CFT compliance has been met. AMLclick uses a risk methodology that has been tested & critiqued to meet requirements of AML auditors & AML supervisors.

key features

online risk register icon
Obtain 12 months access to an online risk register.
Risk report & guidance manual icon
Receive a full risk report & guidance manual.
Heat maps icon
Heat maps guide you to higher risk areas.
Tips & prompts icon
Tips & prompts are included in your programme.
Updates icon
Updates are instant.
Digital solution icon
Elimate paper & move to a digital solution.


AMLclick provides a professionally structured, proforma programme, covering every aspect of the AML/CFT Act. 

A guidance manual is included highlighting mandatory areas & recommendations for policy, procedures & controls.


If your business is unsure of what a programme requires, this is the most simple & affordable solution for meeting your requirements & getting peace of mind.


key features

AML/CFT Act 2009 icon
Covers every aspect of the AML/CFT Act 2009.
Guidance manual icon
Easy to read guidance manual.
AML/CFT framework icon
Identify any gaps in your AML/CFT framework.


Section 57(l) of the AML/CFT Act 2009 requires businesses to be able to evidence how it manages & monitors compliance with its procedures, policies & controls.  AMLclick provides an online self-evaluation of 70+ compliance hotspots. 


The results report provides ratings for each hotspot, with references to the AML/CFT Act & recommendations on how compliance can be met.  Once your business has implemented any updates, you can re-run the evaluation, at no additional fee. Use the evaluation report to support audit findings.


key features

AML/CFT annual revew icon
Use the AML/CFT HealthCheck as an annual review.
Compliace hotspots icon
Identify any weaknesses across 70+ compliance hotspots.
AML audit icon
Discover & resolve problematic areas prior to an AML audit.